parameter feedback with Traktor & BCR2000

I was trying to get parameter feedback to work between Traktor and my BCR2000, and couldn’t really find an explanation online. I eventually figured it out, though, so here is the fruit of my labor, for our Googling posterity.

On the BCR2000:
Set each controller which you want to feedback-control to “Relative 2″ mode. This is explained on p14-15 of the manual, but essentially, it goes like:

  • Hold down EDIT while twiddling your control, until the LED display registers, then release.
  • Turn Push Encoder 6 (Mode) until the LED display says “rEL2″, for Relative 2.
  • Press EXIT.

In Traktor:
Well, this is the obnoxious part. For each controller, you must add two entries to the Assignment Table in the Controller Manager — one for input and one for output:

  • Input:
    • Add using “Add In…”.
    • Train using “Learn”.
    • CRUX: Set Type of Controller to “Encoder”, Interaction Mode to “Relative”, and Enc.-Mode. to “3Fh/41h”.
  • Output:
    • Add using “Add Out…”.
    • Set the device mapping to whatever Traktor detected when you did your learning above.

And I think that’s it. Note that you can now do such things as adjust the sensitivity of the knob from within Traktor (since Traktor is handling the internal state of the controller.)