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cheatsheet: looking up apt-get information

Version of a package: apt-cache policy package-name (shows installed & candidate versions) Which package owns a file: dlocate -S file-name (searches installed packages) apt-file search file-name (searches candidate packages) Which files are owned by a package: dpkg -L file-name (for installed & candidate packages)

using caps-lock to make new arrow keys

The most natural way to access the arrow keys on my laptop from a normal typing stance is to strain with my right thumb, after having made a minimal motion with my right hand. This gets to feeling pretty unpleasant after a while — my thumb does not take well to these bizarre movements. My [...]

parameter feedback with Traktor & BCR2000

I was trying to get parameter feedback to work between Traktor and my BCR2000, and couldn’t really find an explanation online. I eventually figured it out, though, so here is the fruit of my labor, for our Googling posterity. On the BCR2000: Set each controller which you want to feedback-control to “Relative 2″ mode. This [...]